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Industrial Performance Abrasives 
Introducing the new Flexovit Industrial High Performance Abrasive Program, a collection of abrasive products; Coated Abrasives, Cutting-Off and Grinding Wheels, Bonded Abrasives, Super Abrasives, Diamond Blades and Accessories, for all industrial applications.  

With unparalleled abrasive technology, Flexovit provides a wide range of products and solutions to meet every individual need and requirement whether for sanding, polishing, cutting, grinding, or sharpening, across general engineering, general manufacturing, metal fabrication, maintenance shops, repair shops, woodworking, construction, tool room, rail or foundry.
Chopsaw Mitersaw
Abrasive, Flexovit, Chopsaw Mitersaw Wheels
Depressed Center Cutoff
Abrasive, Flexovit, Depressed Center Cutoff Wheel
Depressed Center Grinding
Abrasive, Flexovit, Depressed Center Grinding Wheels
Gas & Electric Saw
Abrasive, Flexovit, High Speed Gas & Electric Saw Wheels
Mounted Flap Wheels
Abrasive, Flexovit, Mounted Flap Wheels
Small Diameter Abrasive Wheels
Abrasive, Flexovit, Small Diameter Abrasive Wheels
Stationary Saw Wheels
Abrasive, Flexovit, Stationary Saw Wheels
Super Flap Discs
Abrasive, Flexovit, Super Flap Discs
Thin Angle Grinder Cutoff Wheels
Abrasive, Flexovit, Thin Angle Grinder Cutoff Wheels
Thin Depressed Center Cutoff Wheel
Abrasive, Flexovit, Thin Depressed Center Cutoff Wheel
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