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For Aluminum


Dewitt Tool supplies carbide burrs (also known as rotary files) with 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch shanks.
Both standard cut and
aluma cut are available in 1/4 inch shanks.
Shapes available with 1/4 inch shanks include cylindrical carbide burrs, radius or ball end carbide burrs, pointed end carbide burrs, and inverted cone carbide burr.

1/8 inch shank burrs are available as
individual 1/8" shank burrs or in carbide burr sets.

If the job does not call for carbide, you might want
diamond mounted point sets or mounted grinding wheels.

Burrs, For Aluminum, Cylindrical
Cylindrical, Radius End
Burrs, For Aluminum, Cylindrical, Radius End
Ball End
Burrs, For Aluminum, Ball End
Burrs, For Aluminum, Oval
Tree, Radius-End
Burrs, For Aluminum, Tree, Radius-End
Cone, Radius End
Burrs, For Aluminum, Cone, Radius End
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